Canopy Children’s Solutions continues to investigate ransomware attack in April

In early May,  a new group of threat actors known as Nokoyawa added Canopy Children’s Solutions in Mississippi to their leak site. On June 2, Mississippi Children’s Home Society, CARES Center, Inc., Mississippi Children’s Home Services, Inc., d.b.a. Canopy Children’s Solutions (“Canopy”) a press release acknowledging that on April 4, they experienced an attack that encrypted some of their files.

Canopy hasn’t yet notified any individuals. They state they are in the process of “conducting a comprehensive and thorough review to identify any personal information contained therein, and to whom that information relates. Once the review is complete, Canopy will move as quickly as possible to mail letters to individuals whose information may be affected and provide detail about the types of information at issue for each individual.”

On their leak site, Nokoyawa did not provide any proof of claims but claimed that they had exfiltrated 150 GB of files and would be leaking them soon.

Canopy is a non-profit provider of behavioral health, educational, and social service solutions for children and teens struggling with mental health and behavioral problems. A copy of their notice is also published on its website.


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