CANTV, Venezuela’s largest company hacked by @SwichSmoke

Operation venezuela is going strong with @SwichSmoke releasing more data today,This data comes from CANTV, As of May 9, 2008, Cantv’s customer base numbered 10.1 million mobile subscribers, 5.2 million fixed telephony subscribers and 1,000,000 broadband subscribers and now it has been hacked.the leak files come in the form of a rar file and is 5.6mb, and mostly in Spanish, anyways here’s a translated Press Release for the leak.> SwichSmoke #! / SwichSmoke # OpCantv CANTV ********************** DOWNLOAD Hacked ******************* ******************* ********************** cantv it? CompaniaAnonimaNacionalTelefonosde Venezuela Smoke: CANTV is Venezuela’s largest company, and has the most established telecommunications infrastructure …. Its turnover exceeds the group only state Petroleosde Venezuela SA (PDVSA). Wikipedia: Move Fiber Type Public Foundation National Headquarters 1930 Caracas DC, Venezuela Telecommunications Industry Telecommunications Products wireline, wireless and Internet Service Provider (ISP) Revenues of $ 17.188 million (2007) Net income Bs 214 billion (2005) Employees 9.498 (2006) Matrix Ministry of Popular Power for Science, Technology and Intermediate Industries of Venezuela Affiliates Website Caveguías CANTV Movilnet (CANTV) is one of the leading Venezuelan telecommunications companies. Its services range from telephony (its main subsidiary Movilnet that expands the area of ​​cellular telephony) as its main strong, even as sales of computer services, Internet services, dial-up connection and broadband Internet. On January 9, 2007, President Hugo Chávez, in a plan that had been announcing for months, ordered the re-nationalization of CANTV, initially producing a drop in share price in the Caracas Stock Exchange of 11%. On February 12, 2007 signed a letter of intent at the headquarters of the Venezuelan government (Miraflores) by which the State undertook to pay the U.S. company Verizon, its 28.51% shareholding in the company. This percentage amounts to 572,247,040.20 million dollars which represents a payment of 17.85 Bolivars for the 224,410,604 shares that were traded. CANTV is the largest communications company in Venezuela, and its shares are traded on markets Nueya York and Caracas. The company dominates the field of fixed telephony in the country and manages much of the Internet market and mobile telephony. Since the government seized SHIT STINKS CANTV ALL! and now all those who are working for Chavez cantv ……. We got good Cantv from July 25 but did not want to publish that data were not correctly formatted information was poorly organized and the program we use to inject pangolin pangolin is good for showing a smart orderly file but not all why publish multiple files with different methods to remember that many believe that programs can extract some google database that is false we need another type of operation to give the results that were published several files with different formats A large leak of user data, part of the proxy of CANTV and some phone messages Movilnet When we set the Second Part of Hacking Cantv will be published and a lot more interesting information we recommend watching it. This operation goes directly to the Venezuelan government ?????? Where is the security CANTV Your kungfu is weak! 😉

Leak file:
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