Capcom Facing $12 Million Lawsuit For Allegedly Using Artist’s Photos Without Permission

Remember in November, 2020 when Japanese gaming giant Capcom fell victim to a ransomware attack? The Ragnar_Locker threat actors demanded $11 million ransom, and when the firm didn’t pay, they started dumping data. Capcom’s updates on the incident noted that approximately 15,000 people had their personal information involved, but no credit card information was involved.

Perhaps they should have worried more about other files the attackers obtained and released.

Liam Doolan reports:

If Capcom hadn’t already suffered enough from last November’s data leak, it’s now facing a $12 million lawsuit.

Designer Judy A. Juracek took action on Friday in a Connecticut court within the United States, alleging Capcom used copyrighted photos from her 1996 book Surfaces without her permission.

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