Capital One notifies account holders of insider breach associated with fraudulent charges

Capital One is notifying some credit card customers that they may be at risk of fraudulent charges on their card.

In a letter sent to those affected, Douglas Woodward, Vice President of Operations, writes:

We believe that a former employee may have improperly accessed your account. While we don’t see any potential fraud on your account with us,  you and your account match the profile  of customers who have seen unauthorized transactions linked to this individual. We ask that you also remain mindful of the possibility of additional fraud elsewhere.

The information the employee had access to included names, account numbers, Social Security numbers, payment information and other account information. The matter was referred to law enforcement, and Woodward says Capital One is taking unspecified steps to prevent this problem from happening again.  Their letter does not indicate how many customers already experienced fraudulent charges or how many were being notified.

Those affected were offered a free year of credit monitoring with Equifax.

You can read a copy of their notification letter on the Vermont Attorney General’s website.


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