Car lease companies’ poor cyber security exposed over 180,000 drivers reports:

Cyber security at some 50 car lease companies operating in the Netherlands was so bad that private details about at least 180,000 company car drivers was easily accessed by an IT firm, the AD said on Monday. The leak was discovered by Sliedrecht-based company ESET which was looking for a new company car supplier for staff. ‘It was childishly simple to access all sorts of privacy-sensitive information, such as where you live, the type of car and how much you had driven,’ spokesman Dave Maasland told the paper.

Read more on They do not name names, however. For that, read Janene Pieters’ reporting:

A data leak at software company CarWise ICT meant that information of thousands of Dutch lease drivers was easily accessible to unauthorized parties. The leak was discovered by security company ESET, director Dave Maasland confirmed to Maasland estimates that at least 100 thousand customers were affected.

The leak was discovered in the LeaseWise software, used by 52 Dutch car leasing companies.


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