Carders forum hacked, taken offline

Dan Raywood reports:

An alleged underground forum used by hackers to sell logins and financial data has been hacked and taken offline.

Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure, claimed that the web forum named ‘PakBugs’ was an ‘underground’ forum where people discussed hacking techniques and sold malware code, bank logins and stolen credit card numbers.

“But now, Pakbugs is gone,” said Hypponen. “[It] turns out someone hacked this hacker forum and posted the results to the full disclosure mailing list. The website is currently unavailable. We don’t expect it to return.”

The (sic) report to full disclosure, posted last Saturday, claimed that ‘these are mostly based in Pakistan involved in illegal actions which include carding, hacking, cracking etc.’ Read more on SC Magazine.

See more of the details on F-Secure.

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