Casey Anthony Jail Video: Florida Judge Releases Controversial 2008 Footage

Following up on a previous blog entry:  a Florida judge has rejected Casey Anthony’s defense attorney’s argument that a jailhouse video of Anthony should remain sealed as she had been sedated. The argument was that once she had been sedated, any footage should be subject to medical privacy protections.

Kyle Hightower of Associated Press reports:


In his ruling Perry also dismissed defense claims that the video should remain secret under medical privacy laws. Anthony’s lead attorney, Jose Baez, had argued that she was in a medical facility when she found out and received a sedative to calm her down as she was forced to watch television coverage of the discovery. Baez said the entire incident was an attempt to elicit a reaction from Anthony and described it as “an intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

Perry found those arguments lacking.

“There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in jail,” Perry wrote in his order to release the video. “The fact that she was sitting in a waiting area of the medical facility did not convert the incident into a medical evaluation and the fact that medical personnel had the opportunity to observe her while she watched the news coverage and gave her a sedative does not change this conclusion.”

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