Catch up post, what has been happening in the hacker world

Well, we are back to publishing now and first off i must say i couldn’t of picked any worse time to take time off and do IRL stuff, anyways this post is just a quick catch up for the past few weeks from what has been going on in the hacker world. So the world of anonymous is a great place to start, they always have operations going on and over the past week it would seem a few new ones have sprung up such as [#opdigiturk ](<iframe width=) and others are still taking a strong pace. there has been reports that the lulzsec website got hacked and defaced as well.?autoplay=0"> There have been many leaks as well over the past few weeks which have hit targets like universal music Portugal, NASAand many other governments and non government sites as well. The on going middle east cyber war has still been taking place with lots of reports of defacing and attacks coming from the zionops website. You can also see on my site (closed) that there has been thousands of accounts leaked over the past week from many different targets. We will be releasing articles for the more well known attacks over the coming hours.  you can  also see all the leaks we have published over the past week or so as well here.

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