Jun 182019

Kelly Brennan reports:

The personal information of 160 Temple University students was exposed after an employee accidentally uploaded a document containing information like dates of birth, cell phone numbers and passport information to a public university website.

An employee in Temple’s Risk Management office uploaded the document to the Temple University Travel Registry Site on March 22 where it was public for about three weeks before it was taken down, said Larry Brandolph, Temple’s chief information security officer and vice president of Computer Service and Infrastructure.

Affected students were notified on May 22 that their names, passport numbers, issuing passport country, passport issue date, dates of birth, travel dates and cell phone numbers were exposed on the website.

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Jun 152019

Sergiu Gatlan reports:

Three U.S. universities have disclosed data breach incidents impacting personally identifiable information of students or employees following unauthorized access to some of their employees’ email accounts.

All three universities — Graceland University, Oregon State University, and Missouri Southern State University — have notified the individuals whose personal information was potentially stolen or accessed about the security incidents.

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Jun 122019

Joanna Guzman reports:

A hacker gains access to the city of Edcouch and threatens to erase all the city’s information if officials did not deposit $40,000 in Bitcoins; a form of electronic cash. Information from the water department and city finances were compromised in the attack. The city manager says this comes just after the former city manager was arrested for allegedly tampering with water meters. Homeland Security is investigating the cyber attack after information of more than 3,000 residents was stolen.

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Jun 112019

Cyware reports:

The Lake City Police Department is investigating a ransomware attack on their city network systems that resulted in the shutdown of several emergency services. The ransomware used in the attack has been detected as ‘Triple Threat’.

What happened?

In a breach notification, the Lake City police have revealed that the attack occurred on May 10, 2019. The ‘Triple Threat’ ransomware program had combined three different methods of attack to target the City’s network systems. This has forced the city’s email systems, land-line phones, and credit card services to shut down.

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