Mar 302019

Jesse Moya has an update on the Taos Municipal Schools District ransomware incident that occurred on February 28. On March 22, we had reported that three weeks later, the district was still working on recovering from the attack.

As of March 28, they have continued to make progress, but they have not totally restored everything yet and have no prediction as to when they might get to that point.

If staff have spent 20-hour days working on this for more than one month, what has this incident — and their decision not to pay the $5,000 decryption fee cost them? Was this a good decision or a poor one? I can see arguments both ways. What do YOU think?


Mar 302019

County Press reports:

A potential data leak of personal information has taken place at an Isle of Wight Primary School.

Haylands Primary School in Ryde said they had become aware of a malware virus affecting their IT systems on March 18. Upon investigation they realised there had been unauthorised log-ins to the school server.

In a letter to parents, headteacher Lisa Nicholson said she could not rule out the possibility that personal information — including names, dates of birth, addresses and general school records — had been accessed.

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Mar 302019

Jim T. Ryan reports:

The Newport School District got a first-hand experience with internet security after computers were infected in February with a computer virus that came through email, according to Superintendent Ryan Neuhard.

“All agencies are fighting against viruses,” he said, noting that cyber security has become a priority for everyone, including schools, businesses and government.

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Mar 292019

Lindsay McKenzie reports:

Just four months before she was due to graduate, Tiffany Filler was expelled from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.

Leaders at Tufts say Filler hacked into university systems and changed her grades. Filler says she has proof she didn’t do it.

Tufts is standing by its decision. But an article recently published by TechCrunch identified possible holes in the university’s investigation. A petition demanding fair treatment for Filler has since been signed by hundreds of Tufts students and alumni.

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Mar 262019

Jasmine Payoute reports:

A data breach at St. Louis Community College has one student searching for some accountability after they released the personal information of nearly 4,000 students.

“It’s just very frustrating of how our information was given out twice, I mean where’s the security at,” said a student who asked not to be identified.

The student said the college released her name, personal address, college identification number, phone number, race and more to three Bayless School District employees.

“I didn’t give them permission to release that information.”

Last year, around the same time they released the same information to “a limited number of other students at the school.”

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