Jul 022018

Finextra reports:

After basking in the glow of exposing the Ticketmaster data breach last week, digital challenger bank Monzo has itself become the victim of a data leakage that saw the personal details of some 20,000 customers lifted from third party survey firm Typeform.

Monzo says the attackers found a weakness in Typeform’s security, gaining access to data backups for surveys conducted before 3 May 2018.
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Jun 272018

NBC CT reports:

Nearly $1 million was stolen from CHET — Connecticut Higher Education Trust — accounts during a security breach and 21 account holders were affected, according to the Office of the State Treasurer.

Connecticut State Treasurer Denise Nappier said that TIAA-CREF Tuition Financing, Inc., the CHET Direct program manager, alerted the state Treasury about the breach and will restore the affected accounts.

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May 312018

Pete Evans reports:

Hackers have threatened to release personal information for nearly 100,000 customers of two Canadian banks unless the lenders pay a $1-million ransom for its safe return.

On Monday, Bank of Montreal and online bank Simplii Financial — owned by CIBC — revealed that they learned over the weekend that the identifying personal information of a combined 90,000 different account holders at the two banks was stolen.

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May 282018

Pete Evans reports:

Two Canadian banks warned customers Monday that they have been the targets of hackers, and the personal information of tens of thousands of customers may have been stolen.

CIBC-owned Simplii Financial was the first to warn on Monday morning that hackers had accessed the personal and account information of more than 40,000 of the bank’s customers.


Then later Monday morning, Bank of Montreal revealed that it, too, had received a tip that “fraudsters” had stolen data on up to 50,000 of the bank’s customers, “and a threat was made to make it public,” BMO spokesperson Paul Gammal said.

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May 092018

BBC reports:

The personal data of about 15,000 members of a credit union has been stolen in a cyber attack.

Sheffield Credit Union (SCU) said information including names, addresses, national insurance numbers and bank details had been accessed.

The attack happened in February but only came to light recently after hackers threatened to publish the data unless a ransom was paid.

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