Aug 202018

Meduza reports:

On August 16, blogger Lana Sator, a self-described “urbex [urban exploration] tourist” published photographs from an abandoned building on Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya Street, which once housed a police station and office of the (now dissolved) Federal Migration Service. Sator says she crawled into the two-story building through an open window. The building was unguarded and the gate in the fence surrounding the site was unlocked.

“Observing the protections on personal data with all their hearts!” Sator wrote sarcastically on social media. “There are cubic meters of documents abandoned in this building: applications with copies of various certificates, boxes with Muscovites’ IDs and passports, criminal and misdemeanor case files, juvenile delinquents’ records, officers’ personnel files, and more.”

Read more on Meduza and take a look at the photographs of what she found.

Aug 202018

The Commentator reports:

The National Health Service (NHS) has lost almost 10,000 patient records in the last year, according to new research from leading tech think tank Parliament Street. The findings are disclosed in a new report entitled ‘NHS Data Security: Protecting Patient Records’ examines the amount of patient records that have been misplaced from NHS trusts in the last year. The report discovered that overall, 9,132 patient records from 68 hospitals had been reported missing or lost in the last financial year.

Researchers discovered that there were 3,179 records missing or stolen was the University Hospital Birmingham, followed closely by Bolton NHS trust at 2,163 records misplaced. The third largest was University Hospital Bristol with 1,105 records lost.

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Aug 192018

Alice Yan reports:

Three men have been detained on suspicion of hacking into computers and stealing about 600 million yuan (US$87 million) worth of virtual currency, police in northwest China said.

The case is the highest value cryptocurrency criminal investigation in China so far, officers in Xian told Huashang News on Saturday.

The police started investigating the case in March when a man from the city complained his computer had been hacked and 100 million yuan in bitcoin and ethereum had been stolen.

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Aug 182018

The Times of India reports:

The Delhi police have recorded statements of employees of an Aadhaar centre, which is running from the Surat Collector’s office in Gujarat, in connection with the alleged Aadhaar data breach case, officials said on Thursday. Surat’s resident additional collector S D Vasava said that a Delhi police team visited the district around two weeks ago.

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Aug 172018

Yael Grauer reports:

By misconfiguring pages on Trello, a popular project management website, the governments of the United Kingdom and Canada exposed to the entire internet details of software bugs and security plans, as well as passwords for servers, official internet domains, conference calls, and an event-planning system.

The U.K. government also exposed a small quantity of code for running a government website, as well as a limited number of emails. All told, between the two governments, a total of 50 Trello pages, known on the site as “boards,” were published on the open web and indexed by Google.

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