Inside Kenyan Hacker Group Gaining International Fame

Martin Siele reports: SilentCards, based in Nairobi, has previously been accused of orchestrating multi-million shilling heists in the financial services sector, particularly targeting banks and their Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Singapore-based cyber-security firm, Group-IB, in its annual Hi-Tech Crimes Report identified SilentCards as one of the prominent players in the global cyber-crime landscape. Read more on

UK: Redcar cyber-attack: Council using pen and paper

On February 14, Joe Tidy reported: More than 135,000 UK residents have been without online public services for nearly a week, as their council struggles with a cyber-attack. Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council’s website and all computers at the authority were attacked on Saturday. Read more on BBC.

Threat Vector Number 1

Britton White is a cybersecurity & HIPAA Compliance advisor. The following article is reproduced with his kind permission. Email is the bane of our existence and the number one threat vector….. there’s no other way to say it. I’ve rummaged through over 30 hospitals and hundreds of clinics (some multiple times) in my time...

Plastic Surgery Patient Photos, Info Exposed by Leaky Database

I’ve reported on a number of hacks and leaks involving plastic surgery centers where nude photos of identifiable patients wind up exposed or in bad actors’ hands. Sergiu Gatlan reports on yet another leak. This one exposed hundreds of thousands of documents in a misconfigured Amazon AWS S3 bucket owned by NextMotion, a French...

Personal information of 144,000 Canadians mishandled by federal bureaucracies

Sam McGriskin reports: The personal information of 144,000 Canadians has been mishandled by federal departments and agencies over the last two years according to the House of Commons figures. CBC News reported that the Privacy Commissioner’s office noted that they saw “strong indications of systemic under-reporting.” Many people who were affected by the privacy breaches...