Feb 162019

Noddy A. Fernandez reports:

A gift distribution company is suing a global insurance broker, citing alleged broker malpractice.

Hampton-Haddon Marketing Corp. (HHMC) filed a complaint on Jan. 28 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania against Willis of Tennessee Inc. and Willis Towers Watson PLC, alleging the defendants breached their duty to advise plaintiff of reasonable business risks and the availability of insurance to cover such risks, and specifically of cyber crime risks such as the BEC scam.

Read more on Penn Record.

Feb 162019

Anita Lee reports:

Memorial Hospital is offering free credit monitoring and identify protection services to a “limited number” of patients whose Social Security numbers, health-insurance information and other personal details were part of an employee email account that a third party accessed.

Janet Stuart, the hospital’s manager of marketing and communications, said the email account contained information on about 30,000 patients, including names, birth dates, medical care and health-insurance information. Social Security numbers were listed for a “limited number” of those patients, a news release said.

Read more on Biloxi Sun Herald.The hospital’s notice can be found on their website, here.

Feb 162019

Dena Aubin reports:

Restaurant company Wendy’s has agreed to pay $50 million to resolve a 2016 lawsuit by financial institutions nationwide alleging that the company’s negligence allowed hackers to steal credit and debit card information in a 2015 data breach.

Disclosed in a filing on Wednesday in Pittsburgh federal court, the settlement will be paid to approximately 7,500 banks and credit unions that issued about 18 million credit or debit cards exposed in the data breach. The deal must still be approved by the court.

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Feb 162019

Kevin Landrigan reports:

Manchester school administrators confirmed Friday that a data breach occurred when individual student scores on tests were inadvertently sent to all families of Hallsville Elementary School students.

The individual score sheets were attached to an email sent out on the results of the latest iReady data on reading and math tests which had showed some progress for the K-5 school located at 275 Jewett St., officials said.

Read more on Union Leader.

Feb 162019

Geena Arevalo reports that Hampton Roads Community Health Center has disclosed that in December, it discovered that its server with (unencrypted) patient data had been compromised. The center did not disclose the number affected nor how the attack occurred (of course, they may not know that yet), but a notice posted on the center’s web site Friday about the incident informs the public that the files:

possibly contained: first name, last name, gender, date of birth, health plan(s), plan member identification number(s), and medical condition. In some cases, the files may have contained your address, social security number, credit card information or driver’s license number.

This incident has not (yet) appeared on HHS’s public breach tool.