Apr 232018

Brian Krebs reports:

MEDantex, a Kansas-based company that provides medical transcription services for hospitals, clinics and private physicians, took down its customer Web portal last week after being notified by KrebsOnSecurity that it was leaking sensitive patient medical records — apparently for thousands of physicians.

On Friday, KrebsOnSecurity learned that the portion of MEDantex’s site which was supposed to be a password-protected portal physicians could use to upload audio-recorded notes about their patients was instead completely open to the Internet.

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Apr 232018

Steve Silva reports:

Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE) has shut down registration for its Excel program due to a “privacy breach,” the organization tweeted Monday morning.

“The issue has been contained. We are currently investigating. Will share more info as it becomes known,” read part of the tweet from the organization, which was formally the Halifax Regional School Board.

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Apr 232018

Kayleigh Bateman reports:

TSB has issued an apology, this morning, after weekend upgrades to its online banking platform left several customers unable to access their own accounts, yet able to view other peoples.

Addressing the online banking data leak in a statement this morning TSB said: “We’re really sorry that some of our customers experienced problems accessing our mobile app and internet banking yesterday evening. Both of these services are now up and running again.”

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Apr 222018

Karen Yi reports:

In the age of online shopping, computer hacks and data breaches, identity theft is not necessarily a shock. But, you’re probably not expecting to get an email listing portions of your colleagues’ social security numbers.

But, in the Irvington school district, that’s exactly what happened.

Partial social security numbers of more than 1,200 employees at Irvington schools were distributed via email on Monday to an unknown number of recipients, according to the school district.

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Apr 202018

Bill Lukitsch reports:

Personal financial and medical information of more than 4,000 people was mailed to the wrong addresses earlier this year, two state agencies announced Friday.

“Notices containing personal information were mailed to 4,136 individuals at incorrect addresses,” a news release from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services and Department of Human Services said.

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