HK: File sharing error exposes police data on the internet

The South China Morning Post has a report that Sheung Shui police data containing sensitive information have leaked onto the internet through file-sharing software Foxy. Subscription required to read the whole story, but by now, I suspect most of this site’s readers can pretty much guess what happened.

Evicted OK child welfare worker leaves sensitive records behind

In what appears to be yet another breach involving paper records, Jay F. Marks of The Oklahoman reports that the Oklahoma Department of Human Services has opened an investigation into how a child welfare worker’s records ended up in possession of a local news station, KWTV-9. The records, which included names, Social Security numbers,...

A bug in Google Docs leads to unintended file sharing

Richard de Vries explains on Slashdot: I work for a small Dutch company that uses Google Apps. This means that we can share documents with users within our domain (www.deondernemers.nl), as well as @gmail.com accounts or other Apps-domains. About three weeks ago, we discovered that some fifteen documents and spreadsheets were unintentionally shared with...

IN: Hotel discards unshredded customer records in dumpster

Liza Danver of WISH-TV in Indiana reports that the Homestead Studio Suites hotel in Indianapolis dumped unshredded hotel guest records into their dumpster, where they were noticed by a guest who contacted the news team. The records appeared to be several years’ old, and included names, home addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and yes,...

CO: Health records blowing in the wind

ABC News in Denver reports that confidential patient records from Agape Healthcare in Greenwood Village were found blowing in people’s yards miles away in Aurora. Some of the records were dated earlier this week. Agape Healthcare provides in-home services to those with six months or less to live.