Mar 232019

Lisa Vaas reports:

An employee-from-hell has been jailed after he got fired (after a measly four weeks), ripped off a former colleague’s login, steamrolled through his former employer’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts, and torched 23 servers.


As the Mirror reported during Needham’s January trial, the IT worker was sacked after a month of lousy performance working at a digital marketing and software company called Voova in 2016.

In the days after he got fired, Needham got busy: he used the stolen login credentials to get into the computer account of a former colleague – Andy “Speedy” Gonzalez – and then began fiddling with the account settings. Next, he began deleting Voova’s AWS servers.

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Mar 222019

Olivia Rizzo reports:

Several high school students are in hot water after they were able to log into their schools’ computer systems to change grades and attendance records.

A letter was sent out Wednesday to parents of high school students in the Elizabeth Public School system informing them of the data breach.

“Unfortunately, a number of our students have made some poor choices by participating, to varying degrees, in compromising our student information system to manipulate attendance and classroom grades,” a letter from the district’s Superintendent Olga Hugelmeyer read.


Mar 222019

NBC in Connecticut reports:

Police have arrested an employee of a substance use disorder treatment center in North Haven who is accused of stealing patients’ identities to get services like cable and internet.

North Haven police arrested 39-year-old Kimberly Telford, of New Haven, who they said was a counselor at an outpatient center.

Kimberly Telford. Photo: North Haven Police Dept.

She is accused of using access to patient and client information to open a fraudulent account to obtain services such as cable and internet under a patient’s name.

Read more on NBC. The reporting does not name the treatment center. was able to identify the center, but is not publishing its name in the absence of confirmation.

Mar 212019

WSYX/WTTE reports:

A 13-year-old student at the Columbus City Preparatory School for Boys is under investigation after he reportedly used a teacher’s credentials to get into the district’s system, created a website with information about his fellow students, and made threats.

Columbus Police say they received a report on March 15th that the student had hacked into his teacher’s work account and created a site with a “hit-list” of names, school ID numbers, and dates of births.

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Mar 212019

Reuters reports:

Tesla filed a lawsuit on Thursday against a former engineer at the company, claiming he copied the source code for its Autopilot technology before joining a Chinese self-driving car startup in January.

The engineer, Guangzhi Cao, copied more than 300,000 files related to Autopilot source code as he prepared to join China’s Xiaopeng Motors Technology Company, the Silicon Valley carmaker said in the lawsuit filed in a California court.

Separately, Tesla lawyers on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against four former employees and US self-driving car startup Zoox, alleging the employees stole proprietary information and trade secrets for developing warehousing, logistics and inventory control operations. Cao, Xiaopeng and Zoox could not be immediately reached for comment.

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