Feb 152018

Jennifer Williams reports:

Scores of confidential social services files containing highly personal details about the lives of vulnerable young people – including abuse survivors – have been found abandoned in an empty Tameside office.

The extraordinary data breach was discovered by the building’s landlord after drug service contractor Change, Grow, Live (CGL) left a fortnight ago.

But he says neither CGL nor Tameside council showed any interest in retrieving the records when he alerted them.


“There must have been 150 or 200 files with names, addresses, criminal records, details of abuse, addiction – and I don’t know what to do with them.”

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This time, students’ records left behind

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Feb 132018

Barb Ickes writes:

The 6-year-old’s psychological assessment is marked “confidential,” yet, there it is in my inbox.

I didn’t read it. Finding it in my email felt wrong enough.

But I understand what Jim Ziebell was doing. He was offering an example of the records that were left behind at a former school in Lost Nation, Iowa. He was proving the records are of a sensitive nature and could have ominous consequences if disclosed.

Ziebell bought the school in 2016 from the late Joe Seng — an Iowa state senator and well-known Davenport veterinarian who died later that year. Seng bought it from the Midland School District, which closed it in 2012, according to real estate records. For whatever reason, the school evidently became a collection point for student records from throughout the Midland district. Ziebell said he has birth certificates, Social Security numbers and “everything else” for about 100 students.

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Feb 022018

Catherine Shanahan reports:

The discovery on a Co Louth street of four pages of doctor’s notes containing patients’ details has been reported to the Data Protection Commissioner.

A member of the public found the consultant’s report, which contained the names and dates of birth of at least 18 patients and the units they were treated in at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.

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Jan 182018

Andrea Kades reports:

Nicosia general hospital has lost 94 patient medical records since 2016 that are nowhere to be found, personal data protection commissioner Irene Loizidou Nicolaidou said on Thursday.

In an interview with the Cyprus News Agency, she said this posed a serious risk and as outlined in the latest audit report for the hospital, three patients had filed a complaint for which the hospital had to pay a €3,000 fine each.

Though the health ministry has been studying creating digital medical records for patients since 2012, nothing has been implemented as of yet, Nicolaidou said.

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Jan 082018

Jonathan Dame reports:

Charles River Medical Associates says it lost a portable hard drive believed to contain personal information and x-ray images of everyone who received a bone density scan at its Framingham radiology lab within the past eight years. That is, 9,387 people.

The practice mailed letters Monday to the patients whose medical records are missing. The hard drive stored names, dates of birth, patient identification numbers and bone density scan images dating back to 2010.

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