Mar 252018

Max Dible reports:

Marquis ID Systems, which issues state driver’s licenses and ID cards, reported Thursday that a system crash in September resulted in the loss of scans of sensitive personal documents that might prove irretrievable.

The “multiple hard disk crash,” as Marquis described it, coincided with a failure of the company’s backup system and affects roughly 66,500 Hawaii residents.

Read more on Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Jan 192018

Fionn Hargreaves reports:

A schoolboy hacker impersonated a CIA director to gain access to top secret military reports, a court heard yesterday.

Kane Gamble was just 15 when he posed as CIA chief John Brennan from his Leicestershire home, even taking control of his wife’s iPad.

The teenager gained access to passwords, personal information, security details, contacts lists and sensitive documents about operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Gamble, who founded the pro-Palestinian group ‘Crackas With Attitude’, taunted the security service on Twitter about his successes.

Read more on Daily Mail.  See also The Telegraph for additional details about many of the targets/victims.  Gamble had pleaded guilty in October, but this was the first time some of the details came out publicly.

Jan 162018

I think this may be the first media report of a Cambodian data loss incident that I’ve ever posted here. 

Kong Meta reports:

Records for one out of every three HIV patients were lost this month when a fire destroyed computers at Battambang province’s Roka referral hospital, which is located in an area hit by one of Cambodia’s worst HIV outbreaks in recent memory.

Eng Samnang, director of the Roka referral hospital, said that on January 7, one building at the hospital housing equipment and vaccinations was destroyed by a fire caused by an electric malfunction.

Read more on The Phnom Penh Post.

Jan 012018

When it comes to the medical sector, the concern with ID theft is usually the theft of services or the corruption of someone’s medical records in ways that might harm them at some point.

But what if the ID theft resulted in someone posing as a doctor and then treating you? Lynh Bui reports that a man posing as “Dr. Akoda,” an obstetrician-gynecologist at  Prince George’s Hospital Center, was actually Oluwafemi Charles Igberase, who used a fake Social Security number to obtain his medical license in Maryland.

This case is understandably terribly upsetting to the patients who were seen by or treated by the “doctor.” And there are a lot of them. And there’s a long history of ID theft here….. hospitals all need to look at how their credentials check may have failed to detect the fraud this man was perpetrating in a number of states and at a number of entities.

Read more on Washington Post.

Oct 312017

Lara Keay reports:

A man has been charged with using an army of 9,000 ‘zombie’ computers to attack websites such as Skype, Google and Pokemon.

Alex Bessell, 21, is accused of using them to orchestrate Distributed Denial of Service (DdOS) attacks on several major online firms in a bid to crash their operations.

The attacks took over their systems and caused them to crash, leaving users unable to access them.

It is alleged the 21-year-old from Liverpool also set up the web business ‘Aiobuy’ and has made more than $700,000 (£533,193) in sales of harmful IT viruses since 2011.

Read more on Daily Mail