May 242019

The Thompson Citizen reports:

Personal information of up to 225 minors may have been on a laptop that was stolen from the Northern Regional Health Authority (NRHA) administration building in March.

The theft of the laptop was discovered March 27. The computer contained client names, birth dates, genders, personal health information numbers (PHINs) and the results of one or two specific tests, the NRHA said in a May 24 press release.

Read more on Thompson Citizen.

Apr 292019

Mandy Zuo reports:

A three-year investigation by police in southwest China into personal data theft has ended with 32 people behind bars and several more awaiting trial, state media reported.

More than 50 people were detained by police in Chongqing as part of a nationwide effort to track down and dismantle a criminal gang known to have traded almost 39 million pieces of information over the past seven years, People’s Daily reported on Sunday.

The investigation began when police in Zhong county received a tip-off from a member of the public in 2016, the report said.


One of the leaders of the gang was identified as a man surnamed Wang, who worked for a painting and decorating company in Chongqing and exploited the access it gave him to people’s homes to steal information about them.

And that’s how it started, but it expanded from there.  China’s crackdown on data theft is not new, but this piece is a good update on the situation there. Read more on South China Morning Post.

Apr 242019

Walt Buteau reports:

A terminated veteran East Greenwich firefighter pleaded no contest in a case involving missing data used to repair and maintain the emergency alarm system that protects town-owned buildings and commercial property, the Target 12 Investigators have learned.

Robert Warner, 43, of Warwick, entered the plea in Kent County Court on Tuesday to an amended misdemeanor charge, according to Attorney General Public Information Officer Kristy dosReis.

DosReis said Warner returned the missing data and reimbursed $1,160 the town “spent trying to recover the files.”

Read more on WPRI.

Apr 232019

Wow. As far as a physical security FAIL goes,  this is a contender.

The Ahmedabad Mirror reports:

Officials of the Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI) in Gujarat on Sunday lodged a complaint of theft of record files from their storage unit in Ahmedabad.

The DGGI storage unit is housed in an old and decrepit government quarters building in Pragatinagar area of the city. It neither has any security measures to prevent incursions nor CCTV to monitor activities there.

Read more on Ahmedabad Mirror. You seriously need to take a look at that storage unit pictured in the story.

Article link fixed post-publication thanks to an alert reader.

Apr 202019

WTXL reports:

The United Way of the Big Bend is investigating a possible data security breach that occurred when taxpayer information was stolen from an employee in March.

The organization says that 64 taxpayers’ information may be exposed after their information was stolen from the vehicle of a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) site coordinator in March. They say they have already contacted the individuals who may be affected by the possible security breach and are working with authorities to determine how their information may have been compromised.

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