Sep 142018

Mike Le Couteur reports:

Ottawa police and the federal Office of the Privacy Commissioner are investigating a significant data breach in the federal government after a device was stolen from Public Services and Procurement Canada.

All 227 employees affected are at Infrastructure Canada, but they weren’t notified until more than two weeks after the breach.

The device in question was stolen on Aug. 20, but affected but employees were only informed on Sept. 7.


Sep 122018

Melissa Matheney reports:

Capitol police are investigating a possible break-in at Sierra Regional Center in Sparks on August 17th, according to Nikki Haag, a spokesperson for the Division of Aging and Disability Services at the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.

Haag says they are concerned that personal, identifiable information and protected health information may have been stolen from the facility. Sierra Regional Center helps and supports people with developmental disabilities.

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Aug 282018

Jelena Ćirić reports:

Sindri Þór Stefansson and six others have been charged with the theft of 600 computers equipped for Bitcoin mining, Fréttablaðið reports. Sindri Þór made headlines internationally when he fled from prison earlier this year, where he was being held on suspicion of the robbery. Sindri was later arrested in Amsterdam and brought back to the country.

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Aug 222018

Adrian Weckler reports:

Some 37,000 Eir customers have been hit by a security breach after a staff laptop was stolen.

The telecoms firm said that the breach happened when an unencrypted device was stolen outside an office at the weekend. Customer data exposed included names, email addresses, phone numbers and Eir account numbers.

However, Eir insists that no financial data was exposed.

The company has reported the incident to gardaí and the Data Protection Commissioner.


Jul 302018

From AmberCare Hospice, this notice of a laptop theft incident:

Recent Data Incident Affecting AmberCare Hospice Patients

Ambercare Corporation, Inc. (“Ambercare”), a provider of personal care, hospice, and home health services, is committed to protecting its clients’ confidentiality. Ambercare has recently provided notice to certain New Mexico residents about an incident affecting their personal information.

On May 30, 2018, an Ambercare laptop computer that had been issued to one of our employees was reported missing. The laptop computer contained information about Ambercare hospice clients as necessary for the employee to perform daily job functions, including client names, dates of birth, addresses, diagnostic/clinical information, and social security numbers. When Ambercare became aware of the missing laptop, we promptly began an investigation and filed a police report. The laptop was password- protected, and there is no evidence that any information on the laptop has been accessed or further disclosed.

Ambercare regrets any inconvenience this incident may have caused. To help prevent a recurrence, Ambercare is working diligently to implement additional technical controls on all Ambercare devices and are re-training all employees about physical security.

Ambercare is encouraging affected individuals to take precautions to protect the security of their personal information, such as by requesting a credit or security freeze. Ambercare is also offering the opportunity to enroll in credit monitoring through Experian for one year at no cost.

Individuals can call 1-866-579-4744 toll-free and reference number DB07883 to learn whether their information may have been affected by this incident.

Missing – or stolen? has reached out to AmberCare to inquire and will update this if we get a response.

h/t, Las Cruces Sun News

Update:  This was reported as a theft to HHS, with the number affected reported as 2284.