MD Anderson ousts 3 scientists over concerns about Chinese data theft

Todd Ackerman reports: MD Anderson Cancer Center is ousting three scientists in connection with concerns China is trying to steal U.S. scientific research, the first such publicly disclosed punishments since federal officials directed some institutions to investigate specific professors in violation of granting agency policies. MD Anderson took the actions after receiving e-mails last...

Researcher publishes Google Chrome exploit

Catalin Cimpanu reports: A security researcher has published today proof-of-concept code for an unpatched Google Chrome vulnerability. The security flaw has been fixed in V8, Chrome’s JavaScript engine, but the fix has not yet reached the browser’s stable version –v73– the one used by an estimated over one billion users. Read more on ZDNet.

This computer scientist beats hackers at their own game

Holly Ober reports: Fatemah Alharbi breaks things in order to learn how to fix them. Not just any old things. Computer operating systems, to be exact, and she conducted research that earned public gratitude from Apple. If she doesn’t look like a hacker that’s because she isn’t, really. She’s a doctoral candidate in computer...