CBC Hacked By NullCrew

Over the past week we have seen a hacker group using the handle #NullCrew (@OfficialNull) attacking a huge range of sites and leaking data from them ll along the way. The most recent site is a subdomain for CBC (https://www.cbc.ca/), canda’s largest broadcasting station.

OfficialNull @OfficialNull

  CBC.ca Hacked:pastebin.com/ZAnDX3GL#NullCrew@YourAnonNews@TruthIzSexy@BreakTheSec@TheHackersNews@Cyber_War_News@AnonOpsSweden

The leak has been announced via twitter and contains a complete database layout leaked as well s a few administration accounts and a short message.

CBC Hacked… Canada’s National News Website, TV Station, News Anchor and radio. This hack is not for an operation, or anything else. I contacted them about a vulnerability I discovered on their server. They completely ignored it. I tweeted as a warning, and still nothing. So now in return for their pathetic ignorance, the databases are released. This is what happens.

The attack was carried out via a sql vulnerability on the live right now subdomain   https://pastebin.com/ZAnDX3GL

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