(CCHIT): An Invitation to Participate in Developing a Certification Program for Personal Health Records


Ted Eytan, M.D., writes:

I am posting this invitation from the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology in its entirety, because I am Co-Chair of the Personal Health Records Workgroup alongside Lory Wood from the Good Health Network. I’ve been very impressed with the experience and talent that the group has brought to this first step and I have learned a ton. The input of the public is the next step. I encourage everyone to get involved.


The Commission has completed its first step, the creation of draft criteria for testing PHRs. Beginning Monday, Sept. 29, the criteria will be posted to http://cchit.org/participate/public-comment/ and available for a 30-day public comment period.

A new Web site and blog dedicated to furthering the conversation about PHRs, www.phrdecisions.com, will launch on that same date. A consumer’s guide to certification of PHRs will also be available there.

On Friday, Oct. 10, the Certification Commission will host a special free Town Call teleconference that will allow consumers and consumer representatives to gain a better understanding of PHR certification and how they can play a role in the process. The Town Call will include a presentation by Dr. Mark Leavitt, chair of the Commission, and Dr. Jodi Pettit, the staff leader of the PHR Work Group. It can be downloaded by Oct. 9 at www.phrdecisions.com.

Participants in the Town Call can ask questions during the call or online at www.phrdecisions.com. The questions and answers will be posted online following the teleconference.

The dial-in information for the Town Call is:
4:00 pm ET/ 3:00 pm CT/ 2:00 pm MT/ 1:00 pm PT

Participant Dial-In Number: 1 (877) 313-5342
Conference ID Number: 65204557

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