Center for American Progress security breached

The Center for American Progress and the Center for American Progress Action Fund were reportedly the victims of a “highly sophisticated computer security breach by an unauthorized outside party” where the motive for the breach may not have been personal information.

In a letter to the Maryland Attorney General’s Office dated April 30, CAP’s General Counsel, Debbie Fine, reports that the names and Social Security numbers of current and former employees and dependents or 401k beneficiaries may have been accessed. Some of those affected were notified that the outside party might have accessed names and Social Security numbers of health care dependents insured by American Progress’s health care plan, the employee’s CAP and CAPF email accounts, and their office computers.

No free services were offered to those affected, which included Maryland residents, but CAP’s letter to those affected included a statement that

… an unauthorized party may have gained access to the contents of your office computer. We understand that information stored on your office computer can include a wide range of sensitive information. We therefore suggest considering whether you used your office computer to store information with respect to which you may want to take additional steps.

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