Center for Democracy & Technology Launches Health Privacy Project

From a CDT press release:

Today the Center for Democracy & Technology (“CDT”) announces the launch of a major project on health privacy and information technology. To fulfill an ambitious agenda CDT is joining forces with the Health Privacy Project, which for ten years has been an independent organization headed by privacy pioneer Janlori Goldman. The Health Privacy Project will become part of CDT and a new Project Director will lead the expanded effort.


CDT’s Health Privacy Project will take on key policy questions, including: the proper role of notice and consent, the right of patients to access their own health records in electronic formats, identification and authentication, secondary uses, and enforcement mechanisms. It will address both the traditional exchange of records among providers and payers, as well as new consumer access services and Personal Health Records.

The project will work with consumer advocates, health care providers, employers, technologists, and developers and vendors of products and services, to promote acceptance and implementation of privacy policy solutions.

“One of our first priorities is to analyze and respond to the HIT-related bills pending before Congress,” said McGraw. “These bills offer an opportunity to take some critical first steps in improving health information privacy,” McGraw said. “Then we will work over the next year to develop and build support for a more comprehensive set of policy proposals that address the complex reality of integrating information technology into healthcare.”

Major Support Provided by Markle Foundation

CDT’s new Health Privacy Project will engage in a major undertaking with the Markle Foundation and its Connecting for Health Collaborative. The new initiative will support and extend the groundbreaking policy and technical resources that were developed by Connecting for Health to support private and secure health information exchange. “We will be building on the rich output of Markle’s Connecting for Health initiative,” said Harris. Additional support is being provided by the California Healthcare Foundation.

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