Centra notifies 13,964 patients after laptop theft

Bryan Gentry reports:

A laptop stolen in Alpharetta, Ga., in November held the names and billing information of nearly 14,000 Centra patients, the Lynchburg-based hospital system announced Monday.

The computer files did not contain Social Security numbers or other information that could be used in identity theft, nor medical history information, Centra officials said.


An employee was in Georgia for a training conference and left the computer in the trunk of a rented car, said Centra spokeswoman Susan Brandt.

Someone broke into the car and stole the laptop and some of the employee’s belongings that night, Brandt said.

Read more on GoDanRiver. I do not find any statement on Centra’s web site at the time of this posting.

Update of Jan. 14, 2011: When this incident was reported to HHS, it was reported as affecting 11,982. According to HHS’s logs, the theft occurred on November 12.

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