Central Concrete Supply notifies employees of breach involving W-2’s

Another business discloses a breach that sounds like it might have been another business email compromise (impersonation) scam:

We are writing to tell you about a data security incident that may have exposed some of your personal information as an employee of Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc., Right Away Redy Mix, Inc., or Rock Transport, Inc. We take the protection and proper use of your information very seriously. This is why we are contacting you directly to let you know how we are protecting you personally.

What Happened?

On February 24, 2016, we became aware of a data breach by which we believe a third party obtained access to copies of your 2015 W-2 income and tax withholding statements. This information was stolen through a sophisticated social engineering scheme in which an outside party posing as another person convinced an employee of Central Concrete Supply to provide copies of the documents by email on February 23, 2016. The data was not obtained through any breach of the Company’s information technology systems.

You can read the full notification on the California Attorney General’s web site, here.

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