CH: Griesser AG victim of ransomware attack

A Swiss firm that manufactures sun protection window treatments such as blinds, shutters, and awnings has fallen prey to a ransomware attack.

Stefan Borkert reports that Griesser AG is currently only reachable by phone and email. (translation):

One or more unknown perpetrators attacked the servers of Aadorfer Griesser AG in Switzerland with ransomware, a so-called blackmail Trojan. As the company also reports, production facilities in Aadorf, Austria and France are affected.

In order to prevent a possible spread of the attack in the company, the Griesser IT task force immediately shut down various IT systems.

At this time, it is not clear whether any customer, partner, or employee data has been stolen.

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Griesser issued a statement on their web site to inform partners and customers and to tell them how to reach them. The firm also reassured them (translation):

Griesser is prepared for such scenarios and immediately set up a task force. The internal and external experts are currently conducting a detailed investigation. All specialists are working under high pressure to resolve the IT incident as quickly as possible.

Neither the company nor the news report named the type of ransomware nor the amount of any ransom demand. This post may be udpated when more information becomes available.

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