CH: Schaffhausen hospitals suffer major IT failures

Philipp Anz reports (translation):

On the night of April 13, the Schaffhausen hospitals were victims of a network infrastructure interruption in the cantonal IT service, mainly affecting the administrative and communication area.

Read more on inside-it. On April 15, IT company KSD reported “The network of Schaffhausen hospitals became fully functional as of 2:30 am, the cantonal administrative units were only affected for similar problems in isolated cases.”

The canton of Schaffhausen posted a notice on the canton’s web site stating that this was not a cyberattack, and that “KSD was able to solve the connection problems in the network. No data was deleted and the data was never unprotected.

In this day and age, readers were probably thinking this was a cyberattack, right? But according to the canton, it wasn’t.

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