CH: Sensitive personal information of secret Swiss army unit likely hacked by Russians reports on what is potentially a very serious breach that could put lives at risk:

The bad news on Wednesday that hackers had targeted the Swiss defence ministry in January became worse news on Sunday, when the weekly newspaper NZZ am Sonntag reported that the identities of members of a secret Swiss army unit may have been revealed.

Whereas Defense Minister Guy Parmelin had spoken on May 4 of spying that took place during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the NZZ am Sonntag reported that Russian IT specialists had gained access to personal data of members of a special unit known as AAD 10, which carries out risky operations in foreign countries.

According to a press statement released by the Defence Ministry on Wednesday, the government works closely with defense contractor RUAG, whose IT system was the target of the attacks.


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