Change of Heart? OptusData says they won’t leak or sell more data

After leaking more than 10,000 records from Optus earlier today, “OptusData” appears to have had a change of heart.  Their original post was deleted and one hour ago, they posted:

Optus Data will not be sold or leaked

Too many eyes. We will not sale data to anyone. We cant if we even want to: personally deleted data from drive (Only copy)

Sorry too 10.200 Australian whos data was leaked.

Australia will see no gain in fraud, this can be monitored. Maybe for 10.200 Australian but rest of population no. Very sorry to you.

Deepest apology to Optus for this. Hope all goes well from this

Optus if your reading we would have reported exploit if you had method to contact. No security mail, no bug bountys, no way too message.

Ransom not payed but we dont care any more. Was mistake to scrape publish data in first place.

While many Optus customers may breathe a small sigh of relief (if they believe the data have really been deleted), that is small comfort to those customers was previously leaked. Although OptusData removed that post, another forum user reposted those 10,200 records on a file-sharing site.


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