Chaos Computer Club Expose and Analyze German Government malware

The German government has come under fire from a group called Chaos computer club after an anonymous submission has lead them to find out that the German government and police are using Trojan based malware to spy on people computers. content/images/gallery/random2/ccc.png In 2008 there was a court ruling stating that this was a form of wiring tapping and The court also said that this has to be enforced through technical and legal means, which has clearly not happened and now they are exposed. The CCC has released a report in English and German into the malware and have also released the binary for the malware itself to show what the government is doing.English Version Original Report in GermanWith this being exposed it really does make me think we are in the middle of a full blown cyberwar regardless if we see the effects or not, there are governments spying on its people, there are people spying on governments, governments spying on governments and all this done by the help of technology and mainly the Internet.

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