Charges won't be pursued in Eastern Health privacy breach

CBC News reports:

Eastern Health will not pursue criminal charges against employees who breached the authority’s strict privacy rules, including those who have already lost their jobs.

Five workers were dismissed for looking at the medical records of patients they weren’t caring for, Eastern Health revealed last week.

In a statement e-mailed to CBC News, an official said while the authority takes its responsibility as custodians of personal health information very seriously, Eastern Health will not pursue charges against anyone in the matter.

That’s despite an admission from fired nurse Colleen Weeks, who told CBC News last week that she not only looked at files for her own reasons, but also did so for others.

Read more on CBC News.

It was only a few years ago that we started to see employees actually fired for such breaches. But the only times I can recall seeing criminal charges were when the data were sold or provided to others for fraudulent purposes or to media (as in the celebrity cases in California).

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