Chase bank seems a bit too loose with clients’ data

David Lazarus writes:

West Hills resident Victoria Afonina works as a computer programmer for a major supermarket chain, so she knows probably better than most people how vulnerable her personal information is once it gets out into the open.

She routinely tells banks and other financial-service providers that they can’t share her information with other companies.

So it came as something of a shock when she received a letter from Chase bank the other day informing Afonina that her name, address and account numbers were among confidential customer data that had been shared with another business.

Worse, according to Chase’s letter, a file containing the info had been inadvertently posted online for all to see.

And as if that wasn’t troubling enough, the information “was accessed by a non-Chase employee,” which narrows down the list of possible suspects to, oh, about 6.6 billion people.

Read more on The Los Angeles Times.

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