Chicago’s Trustwave sued over Target data breach

Ooh.  Trustwave has been sued for their role in the Target breach. The plaintiffs in the potential class action lawsuit are Green Bank and Trustmark Bank John Pletz reports:

Although the most serious allegations are leveled at Target, the suit alleges that Trustwave failed to identify deficiencies in the retailer’s IT systems. Trustwave’s software audits companies’ IT systems to make sure they comply with credit card security regulations.

[…] the suit also points the finger at Trustwave, saying “Trustwave scanned Target’s computer systems on Sept. 20, 2013, and told Target that there were no vulnerabilities in Target’s computer systems. Trustwave also provided round-the-clock monitoring services to Target, which monitoring was intended to detect intrusions into Target’s systems and compromises of PII or other sensitive data. In fact, however, the data breach continued for nearly three weeks on Trustwave’s watch.”

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