Chili’s Says Club Members’ Personal Data Was Leaked

Phil Villarreal writes:

In a mass message sent out to its “e-mail club” subscribers, Chili’s revealed its service provider sprung a leak in user data, letting loyalists know first and last names, email addresses and birthdates went up for grabs.


We are contacting you because the service provider (InterMundo Media) for the Chili’s e-mail club experienced a breach of their server, which could compromise security of e-mail club information. Your information potentially at risk is limited to the following: first name, last name, e-mail address and birth date. Most, maybe not all, of the information that was accessed is publicly available.

Please note that the following guest information was not collected by Chili’s e-mail club and as such is not at risk from this breach: full credit card numbers, physical address and social security or other government-issued identification numbers.

Most states do not require notification when information of the type kept for the e-mail club is accessed, but North Dakota does. Our records show you to be a resident of North Dakota, and as such we’re providing you with this information.


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