China Embassy in Moscow hacked. Russian deployed equipment to spy on Intertelecom Ukraine. 100k customers IMEI, and l/p leaked.

Our brothers from Latin America suggest that last name Putin is a derivative of Putto – male prostitute – lulz Tonight Great Lulz of the World ! We deliver a message. 4 thouz who dont wanna read the rest – China embassy in Moscow hacked – Chinese delivered Rusal executives backdoored equipment designated to Ukraine GSM/CDMA provider Intertelecom – Rusal violating the agreement with China Export has managed to deliver it to Spy Company in Kharkiv, Ukraine – ALTRON – the whole operation was masterminded by V.Yanukovich counselor Nikolay Malomuzh (former chief of Intelligence of Ukraine) 2010. Next leak we deliver the whole package of docs revealing the secrets of cooperation between Malomuzh and Russian RUSAL executives puppettiers of FSB. Nikolay Malomuzh of Ukraine has masterminded with Rusgazneft, Mizgirev Sergey of that co. has protectorate of Malomuzh son Jaroslav and gave hime position in Salans international law firm in Kiev over the protectorate of Skolkovo Valeria Pavlyukovskaya, a malicious plot to control Western Ukraine by contracting Altron Executives to install backdoored equipment into Intertelecom infrastructure. Chinese found out about this only when their intelligence in Ukraine has informed them of Malomuzh being involved with Yanukovich company Tantalit and masterminded 20th of February shooting of Maidan activists. Inside we deliver all the evidence that chinese contracted from their sources in Ukraine – whole INTERTELECOM infrastructure including clients with full ID, IMEI, ESN, IMSI etc etc – pretty nasty stuff what we can say? PREVIEW – 51 documents Archives: Chinese Embassy in Moscow. Right you are. We did spear- phished them twice in a row, delivering our top of the line RAT tool to their darkest areas of Intranet within the office in Moscow. Well to cut crap short – this particular release is 1st in a series of 7 releases. Tonight we release TRADE DEP, and next DEFFENSE ATTACHE DEP and so on. As our attack on BRICS countries happen to deliver substantial results and we continue undermine the integrity of vladimir putin’s financial and business agendas to rearrange NWO – “heheheh smth bout them little pills right? they wannna get your brain rearranged – indeed putto has lost it – and now let’s talk about the CHINA  – mighty Red Dragon of the East” We deliver you read… – suggested soundtrack for this leak CEKTOP GAZA – GULYAY MUZHYK – the image of todays RUSSIA High Five to all our Brothers who do time in Russian Prisons, Those of Your Anon News, (Jackal), TPB brothers – Stun, Paranoia – Akira Brothers who provide great leak platform – CYGAN – Doemela – HEIL! End of communique ….

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