China Hackers Said To Hit U.S. Chamber

In a recent article by the wall street journal they have stated that a group of Chinese hackers have broken into the U.S.Chamber and obtained data on up to 50 high ranking officials. To date their is no hard evidence that has been shown to the public that china is in fact behind this and many PC smart people will understand that china has a lot of active proxy networks which makes it very easy to hide behind. The hackers apparently obtained access to the servers almost  1 year before the breach was found and in that time its anyone guess what information has come out of this. Now for some time it has been said that china is attacking America but yet their has been no actual evidence of these so called attacks. While it could very much be true as it is known that the chinese military have cyber training camps and fairly big army’s of cyber attackers ready to go, but the question is are these the hackers behind all these attacks? or is it a total different group making it appear to be china?  source

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