China takes down online drug ring, 12000 arrested

In China the Ministry of Public Security has today announced that over 12,000 people have been arrested in what would be the worlds largest online drug operation. The operation which has been running for a few years now, was being run via private chat rooms and potential customers could often view the drugs they was enquiring about. Now this would have to be one of the biggest and most stupid mistakes criminals have ever taken by trying to run a street based drug operation online. It goes to show the greed of some people who sell these drugs to our family’s, friends and worst of all children. These drug dealers will go to every extent to make an extra couple of thousand. Among the 12,125 arrested suspects, 66.2 percent are young people under 35 years old, and 2.6 percent are under 18, with the youngest being 14 years old, according to Liu. Lets hope this serves as a real notice to anyone who wants to deal with drugs. Currently there is no english version of the original Press statement from the MPS. here is the Chinese version

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