China tightens micro blogging rules, how will they control it

China, it has the worlds largest internet population, as well as enforce’s the worlds most strict internet agreement between anyone who use’s any type of service that is located in china. China today announced new rules for micro bloggers, that they must use their real names. Now this isnt such a big deal but really what say does any government have in the way we do stuff online? isnt that up to the service providers? Anyways, these new "rules", jointly issued by the Beijing government, police and Internet management office, apparently apply to all Weibo users, regardless of location, because the company has headquarters in the capital. The rules also forbid use of microblogging to "incite illegal assembly." Public protests are illegal in China and a concern for the Communist leadership. So really china, how do you plan to control this one? personal ID checks of every single internet user? get serious and just fix your security problems and move forward and stop trying to protect what the world can already see.

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