Chinese Government & U.K Royal Air Force Hacked by @Drone547

Once again the Chinese government has come under attack by hackers. the hacker going under the twitter name @Drone547 has dumped 3 pastes on, two of which belong to the Chinese government and the 3rd belongs to the United kingdoms royal air force. The leaked data is only minor but shows that governments from all country are continuing to impose security on websites. First leak comes from Chinese State Development and Reform Commission ( with the following message.

China, you are a corrupted government, you shall pay for your crimes against humanity, we the people will rise up to you and show you how we do it, your government is corrupt and we shall not stand for it, so we are hitting you where it hurts, your government websites. We have your Database, and your email spools, don’t give us any more reasons to release them, China..

The leaked data contains few accounts with emails and encrypted passwords. The second leaked Chinese information comes from Chinese Ministry of Health Information and contains a bunch of contact information and a single admin login. There is also a leak of database data from the royal air force website. the leak comes with the following message.

I managed to dig out some SQL & XSS in the UK RAF Website, I’m not going to give out the links because that’s what White Hats do.


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