Chinese hackers Going After Smart Card Details

In another event that was to be expected America has come out saying that Chinese based hacker have been obtaining smart card details via a well known Trojan that has been modified to seek out the smart card data. US Military, air force, navy and other agencies use the smart cards of a way to access building, networks or rooms and the leak of these details could be a big threat to the national security of America. The trojan known as Sykipot has said to be modded to be able to access this data. The Sykipot Trojan was first created three years ago and featured in a number of industrial espionage-style attacks. Researchers at AlienVault captured an adapted version of the malware – specifically designed to circumvent authentication technology supplied by ActivIdentity – in a honeypot around two weeks ago. Subsequent analysis suggests that hackers added a smart card module to existing malware around March 2011. So really the American government needs to stop worrying about all the wars and issues they take on and focus on security within the homeland that could have major implications for them and expose possible critical data they they try so hard to keep secret.

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