Chinese Hackers Steal Personal Data of Half of Taiwan’s Workforce, What Next?

Krishnendu Banerjee reports:

Amid escalating tensions between China and Taiwan, Chinese hackers have allegedly stolen data of nearly six million Taiwanese. The largest data breach in the country’s history, Chinese hackers targeted a Taiwanese job bank and sold the data on the dark web as per authorities.


During the search, authorities found an account named “rootkit” was selling around 35 data sets for $500 to $1,000 for each. After further investigation, officials said that the hackers were from China as they communicated in the dark web forums in simplified Mandarin, claiming that they were able to hack into a popular Taiwanese online job site 104 Job Bank and were willing to sell the data.

According to IBT, 104 Job Bank claims that the data were from 2013, although some types of information generally does not change over years.  Nor was 104 Job Bank the only site hit by the hackers.

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