Chinga La Migra Hacks Arizona Law Enforcement for Third Unprecedented Time

Stephen Lemons writes:

Arizona law enforcement cannot be sleeping well tonight, with the keyboard anarchists of “Chinga La Migra” (“Fuck the Border Patrol,” in English) claiming yet another hack with a corresponding data dump of local cops’ personal info.

I only say “claiming” because I’m still accessing the torrent. (Hey, I never said I was Julian Assange.) However, the CLMers (or “AntiSec,” or whatever they’re calling themselves for the moment) have issued a press released stating that the information is from various chapters of the Fraternal Order of Police around the state.

The site for the Mesa FOP is currently down, and so is Tucson FOP. Also, the FOP Maricopa Lodge 5‘s home page has been defaced with the CLM press release in red on a black background, with a video of Public Enemy’s “Hazy Shade of Criminal” embedded there to boot.

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