Christian Teen Forums Hacked And Accounts Leaked

The hacker who uses the handle Le0n B3lm0nt has been on a mission this week sql injection many exploitable sites, mostly forums and one of the most recent ones is from a Christian Ten forums website. The site, which the name explains all is a forum for christian teens and the leaked data comes in the same format as the previous leaks from the same hacker. Email, usernames, passwords and salts for the passwords. In the release they state there is over 18k accounts. we are still confirming this and have started the process of processing them via The leaked file is a 1.8mb txt file that has been uploaded to mediafire. At time of publishing the website was currently offline.

Some more dumps, this time its it has little over 18k members. anyways enjoy! #FuckAntisec #FuckAnonymous #Le0nB3lm0nt Full User database here:

The preview data stats

Valid 3,473
Duplicate’s 0
Already Stored 12
Top 4 Provider Result’s
Hotmails 1,040
LiveMail 105
Gmails 766
Yahoos 734
Total of 3,485 Emails Found

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