No, Netwalker didn’t attack Chubb Insurance — or Chubb Fire and Security

Update and Correction:

Last night, reported that Netwalker threat actors claimed to have attacked Chubb Fire and Security.  My reporting created more confusion than clarity, so I am removing the post altogether.  Let me try to be clearer:

  • Chubb Insurance has nothing to do with the current claims by Netwalker threat actors.
  • Netwalker claims to have attacked Chubb Fire  and Security:
Netwalker claims to have attacked, but the company claims otherwise
  • A spokesperson for Chubb Fire and Security informs that they are not the entity hit, and that Netwalker hit a business which Chubb sold in 2017 and no longer has any association with. apologizes for any error or confusion and hopes to heck that the above is now accurate. I will update this as needed.


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