Citi Cards Japan data theft hits 92,408 in Japan

Thieves stole private data for more than 90 000 customers of Citigroup’s Japanese credit-cards subsidiary and resold it to others, the company said on Friday.

“Citi Cards Japan, Inc. (CCJ) has come to know that certain personal information of 92, 408 customers has allegedly been obtained and sold to a third party illegally,” the company said in a statement.

The compromised data includes account numbers, names, addresses and dates of birth but does not include PIN numbers or security codes for the affected cards, the Citigroup subsidiary said.

“While the risk of fraud is minimal due to the absence of security information, CCJ has placed internal fraud alerts and enhanced monitoring on all accounts identified,” it said.

Read more from AFP on fin24.  MarketWatch adds:

According to the Japanese credit card business arm of Citigroup, a person involved in a company to which Citi Cards outsourced part of its business had illicitly obtained the information and sold it to a third party. It has already reported the case to the police, it added.


The incident came to light in July following a report to Citi Cards by one of its customers who had noticed that his information had been leaked.

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