Citibank IT guy deliberately wiped routers, shut down 90% of firm’s networks across America

Graham Cluley writes:

It was just after 6pm on December 23, 2013, and Lennon Ray Brown, a computer engineer at the Citibank Regents Campus in Irving, Texas, was out for revenge.

Earlier in the day, Brown – who was responsible for the bank’s IT systems – had attended a work performance review with his supervisor.

It hadn’t gone well.

Brown was now a ticking time bomb inside the organisation, waiting for his opportunity to strike. And with the insider privileges given to him by the company, he had more of an opportunity to wreak havoc than any external hacker.

Prosecutors described what happened next, just before Brown left the Citibank offices that evening:

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  1. Anonymous - July 28, 2016

    HA! Took one for the Team? He is no longer a team player on any future IT position. Now he can flip burgers and make less than 10 bucks an hour.

    If you work at an organization and your fed up to your gills with stress and need to vent, instead destroying your career, he could have easily called or walked up to an “O” and let them have an earful. If it ended up the same way, so be it. At least you tried your best. All I can say is, at least the insider threat is removed, hopefully for good.

    The organization needs to look at their authorization creep, and in addition lower privileges to only what these people need to do their jobs. No more group or shared accounts, and sharing passwords to unauthorized personnel to vital systems should be rules for an investigation, punishment could be firing offense, or charges may be brought up against everyone involved the unauthorized activity.

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