Citigroup Sued by Cardholders Over 2011 Security Breach

Citigroup, the 3rd largest bank in america has been sued by Kristina and Steven Orman of Northport, New York, who was repersenting the victims which affected 360k+ accounts. A weakness in Citigroup’s online security allowed hackers to use a “brute force data intrusion” to access thousands of cardholders’ accounts, the Ormans said. While Citigroup said the breach occurred and was “immediately rectified” by May 24, it didn’t notify customers until June 3, the Ormans said. Citigroup also failed to disclose how it concluded that “more sensitive information like social security numbers, birth dates, card expiry dates and CVV card security codes were not compromised,” according to the complaint. So its another hit to another company who didn’t secure them selfs and months down the track they are still suffering the effects of a high scale attack.

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