City College has had virus infection since 1999

Roll back the calender to 1999, the world was a much different places, technology was growing at a faster pace then ever before and so was a virus. San Francisco  City College has only just recently discovered a virus that has taken over there system and spread like wildfire. From this they have been doing a lot of research and monitoring and have discovered traces of this virus in the system all the way back to 1999. The virus is said to of started at 1 certain collage site, Cloud Hall on the Phelan Avenue campus, and has since made its way throughout the system. They say at 10 every night the virus starts trolling for the days actions sending packets back to IP’s allocated to russia, china and various other countries. Sadly so far they can not tell if any fraud has happened due to the breach and have considered bring the FBI to help trace the source. So really for 10+ years a virus has gone undetected in systems that people use all day every day, pretty shocking if you ask me, i would of thought part of the administrations daily routine would be to check for such things, but i guess my thinking is not the same of those who are in control. More on this story as it comes to light. for now check out SFgates insight to it.

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